Variable Speed Drives

Continuous Use of Electricity Can Result in Hefty Power Bills. A Variable Speed Drive Can Solve This Problem And Minimise Your Expenditure, Resulting In Increased Profits...

Rising costs of diesel and power have made irrigation an unfortunately costly necessity for many primary producers. This fact is made even more frustrating because a lot of the fuel burned by pumps and other machinery isn't required but existing power structures don't allow operators to restrict supply to their machinery.

Fortunately, Jason Cummings Electrical can help. We've joined forces with Danfoss Australia, a manufacturer of Variable Speed Drives, enabling us to supply and install Variable Speed Drives, saving you potentially thousands of dollars.

Having a variable speed drive connected means you can benefit from:

  • Huge savings on water and power usage as it limits the fuel spent on your tasks to only use what is required.
  • Its ability to be operate at certain times so you can take advantage of off-peak rates
  • Remote operation from your home/office
  • A variable speed drive can quickly turn its initial investment into big savings for you.

For those who don't have a Three Phase Power Supply, we have two convenient options:

  • A Single Phase (240V) to Three Phase Variable Speed Drive up to 1.5KW
  • A Single Phase (480V) to Three Phase Variable Speed Drive up to 37 KW

Whether you're a primary producer, or a commercial or industrial processor, Danfoss Variable Speed Drives can save you thousands of dollars on your bottom line expenditure.

We have a variety of drives available to cater for your specific industry:

  • The conventional 2800 series
  • Aqua series
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) series
  • All Automation styles
  • This range of Variable Speed Drives ensures your business is catered for with up to IP66 Ratings for Mining and Harsh Environments.

We can also supply Danfoss Variable Speed Drives to Electrical Contractors to upsell and install in their own area with our help and local support.

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